I made my first knife around 2012.  I had always wanted to do it.  I was instantly hooked, but I was just making knives for myself.  I made a barr knife and shortly someone just had to have it and they bought it off my hip.  I started making more and selling them.  As my addiction grew so did my shop and before long I had thousands of dollars wrapped up in tools and equipment.  

Making knives is how I relax and I love the end product - holding something I made that can do a job well and will be on this world for a long time.  It is very gratifying. I take pride in my knives.  I will not ship something out I am not proud of and I want the people whose hands they end up in to be proud too.

I like a good looking knife, but you will see I usually don't go for a "high polished" look on most of my knives.  I like the "old" look of knives from the American past and that is where most of my designs and finishes land.