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Folding Barr Knife

Folding Barr Knife

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Handle Material

Folding Barr Knives are $300

Blade is carbon steel, and they come with a leather sheath and free shipping.

This knife is made for castrating, it is NOT a daily knife.  The heat treat and temper are designed for extreme sharpness but the downside is in toughness.  The knife will last forever when used as it was designed but will not take abuse! 

***This knife is DANGEROUS!  It is extremely sharp and folding makes it easy to cut yourself.  BE CAREFUL!!!

This is a friction folder, blade does not lock. Front friction pin is adjustable. When fully open and front finger is in the groove and the rest of the hand is holding the knife the blade is secure.

These come with your choice of sheath style.

It usually takes about 6 weeks for me to make a folding knife.




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