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I only require a $50 deposit to get started. 

I make a knife I like. When it is ready you can buy it or pass and wait for another one, as many times as you want. I like the creative aspect of knife making, and doing full custom orders where the customer tells me how to do every detail has cramped my style and made knife making no longer fun. Doing orders this way allows me creativity.


Hunters are $400

Blade is carbon steel, and they come with a sheath and free shipping.

Blade is around 6.5" ( all are custom so it varies a little ) Overall length of the knife is 11" The "Hunter" is basically just a scaled down Bowie.

It usually takes about 8 weeks for me to make a Hunter.

Price includes all the bells and whistles.  Contact me to talk about the specific build so we can make something that runs through generations of your family.


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